Who do you look to for inspiration? Do you look to style icons like Alexa Chung and Kate Lanphear, or would you much rather look at what others are wearing on the streets? I admit that I belong to the latter category – street styles are just so diverse and much suited for daily wear. Sure, Alexa Chung might look perfect most of the time but how many of us can afford top to toe designer togs? (If you can, I wouldn’t even bother with surfing for inspiration – just hire her stylist.) The styles you see on the streets are so much more real and practical, not to mention attainable. I have not had the chance to dress up for a long time due to work, so surfing online for street snaps soon became a nightly fixture for me. Here are some of my favourites off the streets of Tokyo, from DropSnap and Style-Arena.jp

I seriously love this coordinate. It’s such a gorgeous silhouette – and the hair! The hair!

I love her shoes so much. And looking at her really makes me contemplate hacking off a good 10 inches off my hair.

This look is so simple and chic. I definitely see myself wearing something like that soon. Time to dig out the embarrassing metal t-shirts I’ve amassed during my angsty teenage years!

Where do you get your inspiration from, or are you a fashion ninja and can pull a perfect coordinate from your closet blind?