Just like most people, I have a few regrets in my life. Not studying as seriously as I should have for a major exam. Hanging on to the lowlife of an ex and not breaking up sooner.

My chief regret, however, is not buying anything at All Saints when I had the chance to.

With prices ranging from £50 to £300, it is definitely not a place that’s too friendly to a starving student’s wallet (i.e. me). Thinking back though, I’d have gladly given up my firstborn child to own this dress:


Kitty Shirt Dress, £90

And if I were to die anytime soon, I have left a will with Arissa explicitly stating that I am to be buried in this very dress:


Bryony Hitch Dress, £160

Mildly gothic, but not overtly so, all the bustles, pinktucks and silhouettes have definitely struck a right cord with me. Prices be damned, I am determined to get my paws on one of their dresses the next time I pop over to the UK. A few months’ worth of lunch is a small price to pay for these babies.