I’ve been lusting after Henrietta’s marble-print MacBook Pro ever since I saw it on her Instagram. Of course, white marble is not really our style so I decided to make a black version of her now-famous MacBook Pro.

Here’s what you need:
● Marble-print wallpaper stickers. I got mine here. (If you are unsure of how to purchase from Taobao, please read our tutorial here!)
● A MacBook Pro (or any other laptop really)
● Lint-free cloth
● Sharp craft knife (or as Lego movie puts it “blade of exact zero”)
● Hair dryer [not pictured]

Before you begin, it’s important to give the surface that you are working on a good clean to prevent dust from creating bumps. Use wet wipes to clean off any dirt and oil and dry it with the lint free cloth before starting on this project.


Start by peeling off the wallpaper sticker from its back and adhering it to a corner of your MacBook Pro. Use the lint-free cloth to work your way out. Your goal is to stick the wallpaper sticker and prevent any air bubbles. The wallpaper sticker is pretty strong so you can always peel it off and work on that area again. However, doing this repeatedly may introduce dust and dirt and they are much harder to remove. Slow and steady wins the race.


After you are done with covering the entire top of the MacBook Pro, use a hairdryer to heat up the corners while slowly pulling it downwards so that you are able to cover the curved edge without creating folds. The heat from the hairdryer will melt and warp the wallpaper stickers so that they fit snugly around the edges. Do the same for all four corners.


Use the craft knife to cut along the edge of the screen. Go around the entire laptop carefully. Remember that this is not a race and quality work takes time!


After you are done slicing through the edges, the laptop should open nicely. Open it slightly to allow the Apple logo to light up so that you can use the craft knife to cut away the wallpaper sticker that is covering the logo.


Et voila! Your very own marble-print Macbook Pro is now ready!

Please feel free to share this tutorial but remember to credit us! We would love to hear suggestions from you as well so do leave us a comment below!