So sorry for the long absence!!! Dawn was away for a longgggg vacation and I was so swarmed with work to have time to sit down to blog.

Anyway, good news for Singaporeans who are awaiting the opening of H&M in Singapore (finally!!) on September 2nd!

H&M Singapore has kindly granted us entry into their showroom and it was frankly speaking, much like being in Toy r us when I was a kid. Ian was showing me around and in my mind I was like “want, want WANT!!!”.

Here’s a teaser of what’s to expect when it finally opens in Singapore.

As you can see, we’re expecting lots of orange, camel and red this Fall!

It’s gonna be a picture heavy post so I am going to cut this here. Click on the “read more” button to load everything!

H&M accessories, as always, never fails to disappoint. There were so many pieces that I would buy and they’re pretty affordable and comparable to the prices in Hong Kong and even USA.

In line with their clothing, you can expect accessories with similar colour stories.

That bag in the background is really cute. It has a pretty unique clasp. Definitely getting it.

Silver cuff, WANT!

Black envelope clutch, WANT!!!!

I think that necklace in the middle is reminiscing of the YSL cage series. It’s minimal but yet a pretty strong statement piece.

Black bag with suede details at the bottom. I am in love with bags that open with a clasp. I’ve had quite enough of fumbling with zippers.

The leather details at the pockets are exquisite. I think this is part of the conscious collection that will be available this Fall. I am so looking forward to it. The key pieces that Ian showed me are to die for.

There are also draped pieces to look out for and awesome blazers and jackets.

Key piece in the collection, I should expect this to be very popular.

They’re bringing the kids collection to Singapore too. I should expect more fashionable kids now. Nothing much on them cause I think this is not what you guys are here for.

Guys can also look out for the pieces that H&M will be bringing in. The palette is slightly more sombre and muted. Some of the pieces are actually pretty daring for local guys to carry off, but if done properly, I think that they’ll look awesome.

That’s it for the sneak peek. Do look out for other exceptional clothing that will be available in-stores from 2nd Sept! Mark your calendars!