May 30, 2009
Arissa Ha



I’m a little late on this, just about every respectable fashion blogger has already posted on their enthusiasm for this new collection that is set to be released in Fall 2009.


Browsing through the pieces, I am especially excited about the fact that it is black and the accessories and big and chunky, justlike the way I like my Kit Kats.


I am totally going to get the bracelet and the belt.

Thoughts anyone?

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3 Responses to “H&M Divided Fall ‘09 Limited collection”

  1. saskia says:

    Hey you two,

    one question I always wanted to ask, since I’ve been reading Arissa’s blog for quite some time: You write you have a diploma in design. But what kind of job are you doing exactly and why are you able to travel so much??? *envy*

    A very nice new blog!!! Looking forward reading more!!!

    greetings from Germany



  2. Arissa says:

    Hi Saskia,

    thank you for your support at monoxious too.

    I’m afraid that is a personal question, I will have to decline to answering it cause of the policies of my company.

    Nonetheless, I hope you’ll continue supporting this blog. :)


  3. Johanna says:

    Please tell me where I can fond the belt. I just have to get it!


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