August 12, 2009
Arissa Ha

Where do I begin? Here at Monoxious, we wear any colour as long as it’s black, white or grey.

This collection has successfully set me on a course to locate the perfect pair of skinny black pants/jeans.


The silhouette is clean and I love the drapey looking jackets. The dresses are tailored to fit and I do notice some interesting patchwork going on.





I’m extremely smitten by the knitted tunic with loads of holes as well as the leather jacket with multiple zipper openings.

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4 Responses to “Helmut Lang F/W 2009”

  1. Ashley G says:

    I love the shredding on the sweater and the zippers on the leather jackets. The last picture with the multiple layers is gorgeously made and I would kill to have one


  2. genevie says:

    helmut lang’s deconstuctivism is perfection. i love everything! esp. the layering effect and the detail on the leggings/pants


  3. Yang says:

    Yin would love these..


  4. What a nice collection! I love black outfits, your outfits really inspire me as well ^^


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