October 2, 2009
Arissa Ha

Hansel Opening Party 011009-10.jpg_effected

Jo had sent an invite to us through Facebook for Hansel’s opening party last night. We were excited to check out her standalone store and her new collection, Robot Girl.

Hansel Opening Party 011009-3.jpg_effected

We were greeted by a giant happy robot on our way in!
Hansel Opening Party 011009-1.jpg_effected

The store was decorated to match the prints on the collection. Jo painted these walls herself.

Hansel Opening Party 011009-4.jpg_effected

Dawn and I were ecstatic to see some tiny robot accessories, they were so cute. These are the earrings and there were necklaces and charm bracelets at really affordable prices.

Hansel Opening Party 011009-9.jpg_effected

The collection was built around bows and lightning bolts featuring knits and girly dresses accented with pleats, folds, ribbons and bows. I was particularly smitten with this short black skirt with a bow in the middle. I think it will suit Alix ( ala thecherryblossomgirl) very well.

Hansel Opening Party 011009-5.jpg_effected

Booze was sponsored by Absolut Vodka and Heineken. In the wise words of Jo herself she wanted us to “wreck this place” upon seeing that we had no drinks in our hands.

Hansel Opening Party 011009-11.jpg_effected

Thank you Jo for such an awesome party and congratulations again on your store opening.

Support your local designer~!

Hansel is officially opened today, 2nd October and is located at:
29 Stamford Road
#01-02 Stamford House
Singapore 178885
Opening hours:

  • Mon-Sat: 1130hrs- 2030hrs
  • Sun: 1200hrs-1800hrs

For more information, visit Hansel’s website.

PS: The giveaway is still open for submissions. To win your own Maison Michel inspired Mickey mouse ears, just post a question in this post and stand a chance to win~!

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5 Responses to “Hansel's Opening Party”

  1. Liz says:

    wh00 😀 Congratulations to Jo! The store looks amazing xD


  2. reb says:

    looks great. just wondering, what camera did you use or did you apply the effects yourself?


    Arissa replied on

    Photoshop + Lightroom


  3. D says:

    yeah..same question as above. Photoshop or iphone app?


  4. UnoCosa says:

    nice editing 😉 and definitely, supporting local designer is best thing we can do to revitalize local culture and economy … xoxo


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