I took photos for this hair tutorial a while ago, but I only got around to editing them recently. We are the worst when it comes to blogging on schedule, sorry!! πŸ™ I think it’s due to how easily distracted we are. Anyway, I’ve had a few people asking me how I usually do my hair, so this is a short (and hopefully concise) tutorial! I am inspired by Dita von Teese and Lana del Rey’s hair, and this tutorial seeks to emulate something similar to those retro hairstyles.

*I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. It isn’t easy taking pictures with just one hand!

Things you need:

  • Curling iron, preferably around 1″- 1.5″ in diameter.
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Strong hold hairspray. I use L’Oreal Elnett.
  • A comb or a brush
  • Clips or rollers for sectioning.

1. Start off by parting your hair directly above one eye. If you have a short fringe, you can consider either parting it, or curling it under.

2. Coat your hair lightly and evenly with a protecting spray. Hot hair tools can really damage your hair in the long run, and some sprays do contain chemicals which may help your curl hold their shapes better.

3. Section a portion of hair directly above your ear. It should be about 3″ wide.

4. Curl that section of hair in an outwards motion. I find that holding the iron for around 8-10 seconds gives a good result. Avoid clamping your hair for too long – you wouldn’t want to burn or damage it!

5. Repeat the same motion for the rest of your hair. Be mindful that they should all curl in the same direction.

6. Moving on to the other side of your head. I will be curling my fringe separately, and I find it easier to section it using a roller so that it doesn’t get in the way.

7. Curl the hair on the other side of your face. It should curl away from your face as well, not towards.

8. After curling the rest of your hair, move on to the fringe. Once again, curl it upwards and outwards away from your face.

9. Now comes a crucial step. Using a brush, gently comb through your curls. You should wait for your curls to cool before doing so.

10. Your curls should look softer and bigger at this point. Apply hairspray liberally.

11. On to the fringe again! If you have flat hair like mine, I find that backcombing is necessary in order to give my crown some volume.

12. Sweep your fringe to the side and secure it with hairspray.

This is how it should look like when you are done! It will probably look much better on people who doesn’t have a five head like me.

Thanks for reading this tutorial! I hope you find it helpful. As usual, don’t hesitate to give some pointers for improvement if you have any! x