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It seems like I have taken a mighty long hiatus! I wish I had some proper excuse – like school, or a wasting sickness – but in truth I have just been gone skiing. After a week in Val Thorens and another in Val d’Isere, I am rounding this season off with a third and final (!!!) week in Flaine. There have been talks about a short trip up to Ben Nevis in Scotland, but I’d have to assemble all my gear before then for that to happen. I’m pretty fed up with rentals. Right now the only things I am short of are skis and bindings, but (unfortunately) I have also picked up snowboarding. I would have to decide between purchasing skis or bindings for my shiny new snowboard if I want my bank account to maintain a semblance of respectability (actually, it’s already too late for that).

Rest of the weekends have been interspersed with visits from various people and also a trip to Sweden. We (although by we, I mean my long-suffering partner since I can’t drive) drove down to an Acne outlet where I managed to find some cute stuff! I’m pretty sick of winter already, although this Zara jacket makes up for it somewhat. And my Skovgaard pumps actually managed to worm its way out of literal storage, so hurray for warmer weather!