Breaking the monotony of outfit posts to bring you something a little more personal. Now that I’ve graduated, I’m officially a NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)! It’s a rather depressing thought, but let’s ignore that for now and focus on the graduation ceremony! Being only 23 and leading a relatively uneventful life, I must say that this is my biggest moment yet – I bought the dress 2 months in advance only to have it go on 50% off a week before the ceremony. Typical!

My ceremony begins at 1000 as well, meaning that I got up at half six to get ready. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I am not. Somehow managed to survive the incredibly hot tube journey and reached school with plenty of time to spare for once.

It honestly did not seem that long ago that I announced on Monoxious that I was leaving Singapore for school. And now that it’s finished, I am once again left without clear directions as to how life may go from now on. This uncertainty is stressful and I have not been coping with it too well, but it is part and parcel of growing up. It is comfortable having someone pave the way for you, but eventually you must learn to forge your own path…anyway, I am just incredibly glad to end my university years on a high note, with a first class honours and a Linguistics dissertation prize. I felt like I have finally accomplished something in life even if it isn’t much!

Major thanks to J who took a day off to be my personal paparazzi.


I wanted my skin to look glowy and flawless that day, so I reached for my SK-II foundation! Despite all the other foundations I have tried (and prefer wearing on a daily basis), SKI-II Cellumination seriously delivers an unbeatable coverage and glow. Graduation makeup should be kept classic (or natural, but natural makeup is not my forte), and I opted for the timeless combination of eyeliner and red lips.

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Dress /Karen Millen • Shoes /Camilla Skovgaard

What’s your biggest moment in life?