You know you’ve got some issues when you start off every blog post apologizing for not updating as often as you ought to. I wish I had more in the way of an excuse, like “My cat had to be brought to the vet’s!!” or “My internet crashed because my brother has been playing too much StarCtaft II!!“, but the truth is that I’ve just been playing scrabble on my iPad.

But let’s put that aside and let us focus instead on the magic word in the blogosphere: GIVEAWAYS!!! Did I hear some cheering? Well damn right you should cheer because we have not one, but SIX items to send out to you guys!

Created by Emily Doig of Australia, Tipsy Toes are the perfect solution to a night out in painful shoes. Made of a lightweight material, these flexible ballet flats can be folded to fit into even the daintiest of bags!

Emily has summed it up beautifully on the website:

It all started with a wedding, a purse too-small, and third degree high-heel injuries. We’ve all been there, you have THE shoes for the occasion, the perfect party to make your friends drool over said shoes, but by nights-end you wonder if you’ll ever walk again.

Well, haven’t we all once been foolhardy enough to believe that we can conquer these torture devices slyly disguised as heels. I remember wearing these booties out once, and came back with a rather impressive collection of blisters a couple of hours later. I wished I had Tipsy Toes flats in my bag then!

I have thought of bringing flats around with me before, but frankly speaking it isn’t really practical to carry around a pair of bulky shoes.

With Tipsy Toes flats however, you can simply fold them up and slip them into your pocket! These shoes are so compact and lightweight, it’s really no different than carrying around a pack of facial tissues.

The shoes come in Black and Silver to match your clothes! (Pardon the inadequate picture, please refer to the ones on the site instead! This is just to show the black shoes)

Rules: How to join

Easy! All you have to do is to leave a comment on this post talking about either of these topics:

  • Your footwear horror story and how Tipsy Toes will help you avoid that in the future!
  • Where you would like to be able to purchase these.
  • Why do you want a pair?
  • The most painful pair of shoes you own and how Tipsy Toes would beat them to a pulp.

Easy, right? But that’s not it! If you retweet this post on Twitter or repost this on FaceBook/your own blog, all you have to do is to provide a link as a reply to your original comment and you get to have a second entry! In simple maths, 2 entries > 1 entry = higher chance of winning.

A picture for all you visual learners.

Points to note:

  • This giveaway will run for 3 weeks, with 2 pairs given out every week. It will run from 3rd September – 26th of September. WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED EVERY SUNDAY: On the 12th, 19th and 26th.
  • Please state whether you wear size S or size M in your comments! Refer to sizing chart below.
  • Please include a valid email address when you comment. It will not be publish or spammed in any way. We just need to have a way to contact you if you win!
  • You may include your preference for colours. (“I want only black” or “1. Silver 2. Black” )
  • Should you still be confused, please refer to the comment image as posted above.

These are my amateur measurements.

Size S is 23.5cm and can fit sizes from EUR 37-38.
Size M is 25cm and can fit sizes from EUR 38-40.

Looking forward to sending everyone shoes!!