I really do wish I could do a proper outfit post, but I am born and raised a tropical girl, and the cold here in London needs getting used to. So for now, the coat isn’t getting anywhere away from me.

I must admit, footwear for the cold remains a mystery to me. It’s surprising how the cold can penetrate through the soles of your shoes and socks and right to your feet. Sandals are definitely out of the question here, and I find myself (horror!!) looking past the ugliness that are uggs and actually begin to consider them. But for now, vanity still presides over sense.

Black Outfit Overview:

  • Hat: Forever 21
  • Corsages: H&M
  • Scarf: m)phosis
  • Coat: Mango
  • Socks: Cotton On

Dear readers, what are your opinion on Uggs and similar boots? Are there any occasions where they are actually acceptable, or do they forever remain fashion exiles with the likes of crocs?