Fashion’s night out was held in London on 8th Sept along with New York. I have more affinity towards New York as it’s a place I’m more familiar with but being in London on this particular night blew me away.

Everyone was dressed to kill and it felt like I was walking down a street where everyone was a model/stylist/designer. The feeling was awesome and I couldn’t have asked for more. My colleague and I were out early. He’s more attuned to the shopping in London so he was the one bringing me around. I visited Dover street market for the first time. I think it’s one of my favorite places to go to now.

Never touching this pair of shoes again, I had glitter stuck to my hands and face after that.

Someone asked me on Formspring what’s the one gadget I cannot live without. I think the answer is quite apparent here.

Wants everything in this display drawer.

Arm candy on my colleague. He’s like my nemesis/kryptonite, bursting with colours! I am insanely jealous of his multiple(!!!) Hermes bracelets.

Dior London cab! One of the many sights to absorb while walking down New Bond Street that night.