November 23, 2009
Arissa Ha


Brainchild of Fashion/graphic designer Penter Yip, Fashionary is a sketchbook designed with the fashion industry in mind. It features useful information like Brand lists, measurement charts, basic patterns, flat drawings, lists of books and websites related to fashion.


I managed to get my hands on these while there was like only 30 copies of it available on their Esty store early this month. They arrived a few days ago safe in my hands. As I opened the package I noticed how similar they are to Moleskine notebooks.

And I have to say, I really do like my Moleskine. I carry them with me all the time. I jot down ideas, to-do lists, shopping lists, blog urls and even has a list of stores I visit when I’m in New York. That being said, it was just not enough, the lines I have on the Moleskin just doesn’t cut it when I want to sketch down my ideas.

Going back to the Fashionary book. The size is about A5, much bigger than the A6 sized Moleskine that I carry, despite that, I do like this size cause it’s good for drawing and sketching. It features 130pages of pages with barely visible figure templates to allow you to sketch easily and quickly without having to worry too much about proportion and consistency.


I can’t wait to start sketching in them. All images courtesy of

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12 Responses to “Fashionary: a fashion designer's sketchbook”

  1. Penter says:

    Thanks for the mention, hope you will enjoy using the book.


  2. hanako says:

    although not a fashion designer by any means, i like to sketch outfits i see in the streets, or plan my coordinations while i’m commuting. however, i hate hate drawing bodies and so i think this little sketchbook is a marvelous idea!


  3. zemotion says:

    Wow that’s kinda awesome~!


  4. Moleskiners says:

    […] Read more at […]

  5. gemma says:

    this is pretty cool.

    Ill be posting my skechbook in my blog shortly.

    stay tuned.
    Id love to have your feedback!

    love the blog btw!



  6. Hey this looks like a good general creative book to carry around anywhere!

    Me likes :)


  7. natasha says:

    looks amazing. hope i can get my hands on one soon!


  8. Megan says:

    do u know where to get a copy of that book! or are ya selling that? :)


    Arissa replied on

    The link is on the post. you can find it at their website.


  9. […] really big on notebooks, especially Moleskines (and my Fashionary notebook). I’ve been known to carry out more than 3 Moleskine notebooks at one go. It’s […]

  10. I like that book where can I have that.


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