This is our first fashion photographer focus and who better to kick things off than noted fashion photographer in Singapore, Zhang Jingna.

Most of you are no stranger to photographer, Zhang Jingna’s work, in fact, many of you many have stumbled upon this humble space via the links from her blog.

Jingna is a long time friend, one of the most driven and talented individual I know and undeniably one of the young photographer to watch out for. She always manages to bring some form of melancholy and fairy tale like-ness to fashion photography which we all love.


Having picked up her first camera at 18 yrs old, the now 21 yr old has come a long way with her first solo exhibition “Something beautiful” in Singapore last September in conjunction with her photo book launch with the same title.

Lost Tales

She’s also the youngest ever photographer to be awarded Fellowship by Master Photographers Association and also managed to sweep two 3rd placings in “Advertising: Catalogue” and “Fine art: nudes” in the International Photography Awards as well as the Overseas Master Photographer of the Year at the 2009 Master Photography Awards in the UK.


The Jingna we all know is talented, amidst all these talent we just seem to sometimes forget that talented people are all human too. I lament at how some people are unable to see past the hard work that has been put in behind the scenes and think that their achievements are handed to them on a silver platter or that they are simply “born with it”. As they say “?????? ?????” which loosely translates to “A perfomance of 10 minutes on stage, takes 10 years of hard work off the stage.”

I am extremely privileged be with Jingna when she first started photography and with effort, experimentation, persistence, an eye for aesthetics and of course talent, she is the Jingna we see today.


But we mustn’t forget the silly things we do like eat up 1/3 tub of a newly opened Philadelphia cream cheese on 2 bagels, though bagels found in Singapore just don’t cut it cause we already had the authentic ones in New York.

How she completes Taiko no tatsujin (?????) on devil mode on the PS2 and that her wardrobe is indeed a sea of black, it rivals Dawn and my wardrobe combined.

Both of us make an effort to meet overseas when we’re in the same country, it’s funny how sometimes we see each other more in Tokyo than we do in Singapore. We’re gonna countdown to the new year in Tokyo this year. :3

So this post is dedicated to one of my dearest friend and fellow warrior in the world of fashion.

You can stalk view more of her works in the following links:

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