October 7, 2009
Dawn Poh


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Okay not THAT frequently asked, but just some things you -might- wanna know.

1) What are your occupations?
D: I am currently still studying.
A: I am a waitress. srsly.

2) Was this the job you were aiming for when you were in college?
D: Technically, I am not even in college yet. ;D
A: I wanted to be a spy, then a ninja, then a lawyer, then a interior designer, then a fashion designer. So nope. not the one I have in mind.

3) Will you be making any clothes for sale soon?
A: We might consider an Etsy shop to sell occasional pieces. Who knows where it would take us? But you guys will definitely have first hand news. : D

4) Why the obsession with black?
D: Because you can never go wrong with black. Well, you can, but at least you won’t look like an unfortunate lollipop.
A: You won’t get food stains on it. I’ve never really been good with colours, Black is always the new black.

5) What started your monochrome obsession?
D: I used to be really self conscious about my skin tone and did not dare to experiment with colours, and hence my love affair with black began.
A: It makes everyone look good. Colours are just not really my kind of thing I guess.

6) Who takes your outfit pictures and what kind of camera/lens are you using?
D: I am using a Canon 450D with kit lens.
A: I use a Canon 5D Mk2 with a 17-40mm lens. I like wide angles. Dawn and I take photos for each other. Otherwise it’s myself and the tripod. I can hide the wireless remote pretty cleverly.

7) How did the both of you meet?
D: Geez, do you remember? I don’t. :c
A: On the internet. Like all lovers should. c:

8) Apart from fashion, what are your interests, or what kind of activities do you take part in?
D: I like to draw when I actually feel productive, and video games takes up an embarrassing proportion of my time.
A: My interests are mostly fashion related. I like sewing, draping and drafting. Drawing is not really my forte, i conceptualize in my head and start doing right away. My lecturer hates that I don’t have a “design process” but I still get things done anyway. I enjoy photography and I spend too much time online surfing. I am wildly obsessed with toy cameras.

9) Do you guys have a partner, and are they as fashionable as you are?
D: Hitler did have a great uniform
A: Ninjas are fashionable cos they wear black too

10) What kind of style do you look for when you go shopping?
D: I don’t think I look for a particular style actually. If it catches my eye and it fits me well, I’d buy it. In black, of course.
A: Drapey and black. I like stuff that has the potential to be worn in more than one way.

11) Do you have any special talents?
D: I can accumulate over 120 lives in a game of Super Mario and play through Resident Evil 4 in one sitting.
A: I used to play the Guzheng. I can stay awake for 38hrs. I pick things up with my toes. My room can never stay clean.

12) How tall are you?
D: 165cm, which would make me 5’4″?
A: 167cm. almostttttt 5’6″

13) Which of your favourite films/books have the most creative, most inspiring fashion?
D: Oooh. Good question. Naturally films like Marie Antoinette and the Devil wears Prada are hosts to huge amounts of eye candy, but I find myself inspired by films such as Resident Evil, 28 Days/Weeks later and The Matrix.
A: You know, I actually like Prof. McGonagall’s cloak in Harry Potter (half blood prince) Those structured shoulders are screaming Balmain. And umm… Star Wars (Episode 1 and 2) for awesome costuming.

14) What inspires your fashion sense?
D: Various designers that we post about here on monoxious inspires us, and we hope they do the same for you too.
A: Mickey Mouse. Okay no. Actually it’s a combination of people that I come across, whether it’s on the internet or on the streets. Technology is a wonderful thing.

15) Which kind of outfit is in your “comfort zone” ?
D: Blaaccckkk. Nothing like bright colours to reveal my insecurities.
A: BLACK JERSEY. Nothing feels more comfy than that.

16) What inspires your outfits everyday?
D: I like to look at people on the streets, and surf sites such as LookBook.nu and Facehunter for inspiration.
A: It’s a combination of people I see on streetsnaps and stuff that are available to me. Some tweaking is necessary, the weather in Singapore isn’t very forgiving.

17) What is the most versatile piece of clothing you own?
D: I do alot of mixing and layering, so it’s hard for me to say exactly which is the most versatile. Probably basic skirts and shorts to wear under long tops or by its own.
A: The Pleasure principle replica that I made. If I could ONLY pack one dress, that would be it.

18) What fashion style inspires you the most?
D: A bit of goth, a bit of rock and probably a tad of gyaru.
A: I’d like to think I’m a goth and/or punk on her day off.

19) What kinds of things do you guys like to just lounge around in?
D: In this weather, tank top and shorts are the answer. Dressiness level depends on the exact type of lounging.
A: tank top, shorts and my trusty Birkenstocks.

20) What inspired you guys to start this blog?
A: If I really had to narrow it down, it was Camille of childhoodflames and Alix of thecherryblossom girl. Both are stylish girls in their own right. I enjoyed reading their blogs so much I scrolled all the way to their first post. I wanted to start a fashion blog of my own and I made Dawn jump in the ship with me. We’re really thankful for all the support. It’s been incredibly encouraging.
D: More like walk the plank.

21) Is your childhood dreams similar to what you are living now?
D: I am still alive and I suppose in a way I satisfy it. I’d like to think I am still not out of my childhood however.
A: If I could still do what I’m doing now without working, that would be ideal. LOL.

22) Do you both work in fashion?
D: I can’t say that I do, since I am still studying.
A: I wish. Oh wait, I have a fashion blog~!

23) What are some of your favorite musicians and authors?
D: I listen to a wide range of music, from Sarah Brightman to Scorpions to System of a Down. As for authors, I love David Eddings and Mark Z. Danielewski. As for artists, definitely Zdzislaw Beksinski.
A: I listen to loads of stuff. I think my taste in music is somewhat similar to Dawn’s. I like game soundtracks. My favorite composers are Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu. I’m not ashamed to say that I like J.K Rowling. I like my kiddy children books.

24) Seems like you guys travel a lot, which country do you spend most time in?
D: Home is still where the heart is – Singapore. Specifically my couch which is an entire kingdom in its own right.
A: Singapore, I’d like to think I spend the most time sleeping in my own bed.

25) How do you know if there is such a thing as putting together too much in terms of layering?
D: I feel that if you even have to consider if a piece is adding too much, take it off.
A: When it gets too hot, it’s time to take something off.

26) What is your favourite food?
D: I would need a toilet roll to list it all down. But Pizza and anything with bacon comes to mind. Mmmm.
A: Dawn likes processed meat. Pass me another toilet roll while you’re at it. I like Salmon sashimi with loads of wasabi and shoyu.

27) What do you think of the whole body con silhouette in dresses? Can it be wearable for daytime?
D: Definitely. There is a thin line between trendy and trampy when it comes to bodycon, so I think it looks best accessorized minimally.
A: I love bodycons. But keep them away from slutty shoes. If you’re too conscious, throw a boyfriend blazer or oversized cardigan on. I think it forms an excellent base for layering.

28) How do you both like your coffee?
D: With sugar and cream!
A: Ice-blended.

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    thanx for answering very interesting interview!! (I always say “with black you never go wrong” too!!)


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