August 19, 2009
Arissa Ha

There’s no denying it. Thigh high boots are awesome even if they border on being somewhat of a footwear belonging to a hooker’s wardrobe. They’re sexy and they draw attention and this Fall, we’re seeing it all over the runway.

Here are some of my favorites:
These are classy and stylish looking thigh highs. I think they’d go with a variety of looks.

hussein chalayan
Hussein Chalayan
I absolutely love the garters that are holding them up. I am contemplating a DIY just to make some garters for my thigh high boots.

I would absolutely die for these. They fit on the models like a dream and straps wound around the entire leg, yes please~!!!!

ohne titel
Ohne Titel

These are some interesting looking ones with minimal detailing but the ruffle at the thigh area is much love.

Rick owens
Rick Owens

These boots boggle my mind. I have no idea how they are contructed it just seems to go against the laws of nature but man… I want them so.

And catching on this thigh high boots trend, I scored myself a pair of awesome thigh high boots from Zara. Extremely unlikely as I was walking pass the Zara in Oxford Street, London. My eyes caught a pair of thigh high boots, dragged the store assistant outside, pointed at them and said : ” I would like these please.”

Next thing I know, I was in the queue paying for them. It’s absolutely crazy trying to attempt to wear them in Singapore. I look forward to Fall/Winter when I can fnally show them off~!!!

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2 Responses to “Fall trend 2009: Thigh high boots”

  1. ohonigiri says:

    WANTS. praying really hard that I can find something like it in Singapore!


  2. charlene says:

    wow truth be told, i cant wait to see you wearing them in Singapore too.

    the Rodartes are the best in my opinion. absolute thigh-high shoe porn.



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