Sometimes I like to pretend that I am a beauty blogger, despite being the worst at skincare and having the most boring makeup regime ever. What can however be said about me though is that I rarely ever venture out of my den without a full face of makeup… Surely that should count as some dedication, right? Having the same routine also means that I can apply a full face in under 15 mins, and under any circumstances: in the passenger seat of a car, on a bumpy plane ride, in a café…nowhere is sacred to me when it comes to applying makeup.

Anyway, it has been over 4 years since we’ve started this blog. So what better way to commemorate it than to draw up a timeline of my looks? Maybe a fashion timeline will come later, but right now I find it funnier to focus on the various makeup disasters I’ve had over time.


Perhaps it was individuality. Perhaps it was a streak of rebellion. Perhaps it was a way of expressing freedom at finally being free to bleach my hair during my school holidays. Regardless, nothing can explain why I thought having brassy box-dyed hair was a good idea. More mystifying, however, is the fact that I kept at it for 3 years.

Makeup wise, it has never occurred to an 18 year-old me that there was such things as too much eyeliner or too much mascara. Or as a matter of fact, too much of anything – I am sure that if I smiled too widely, my makeup would actually crack and flake off like dried plaster. Fake eyelashes were an everyday affair, an affair that would continue well over the next 4 years.





This picture was taken off this blog itself. After having a fringe for ages, I’ve finally decided to grow it out. What didn’t stop, however, was my obsession with light hair. To exacerbate things, I was a baller on a budget. Meaning that I soon became very experimental with boxed dyes. It’s no mystery that my hair eventually took on the texture of dried summer hay.

Having a fringe for years meant that I have never paid much attention to my eyebrows before. Not knowing how to deal with this sudden exposure, they went from ungroomed pastures to over-shaven lines on my face. Eyebrows at this point were basically arbitrary to me. I’m not even sure if I had eyebrow pencils then. They may well have been filled with whatever eyeshadow I had handy.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 20.12.06



I wasn’t sure what happened, but something in me snapped and I finally decided to go back to my natural hair colour. I have a feeling it has got something to do with an especially unfortunate incident with boxed bleach, leaving me with black roots and bright orange hair. I have probably decided to wipe that debacle off my memory, and off it shall remain.

My eyebrows were starting to get a little more attention now that black hair forced me to create more contrast on my face. I have always been insecure about my lips however, so lipsticks were a huge no for me still.



I guess you can say that I became too focused on my eyebrows. At the rate they were expanding, I might have well drawn a unibrow ala Frida Kahlo. I decided that bolder is better, and that meant filling in my brows with a black eyebrow pencil. Disregard the fact that my hair isn’t even black to begin with. I had brows that would make my mum back in the 80’s proud.

I did however discover lipsticks during this period though, and soon amassed a pretty impressive collection of them.



Decided to experiment with ombré hair despite being several years overdue. Found a staple look, one that I’m still wearing this very day! My brows have come a long way since I’ve started wearing makeup, and I think I’ve finally found a look that works. A classic (albeit boring) combination of bold brows, winged eyeliner and bold lips.

Oh well, we will see how long this phase last!!

What are your hair and makeup disasters of the past?