It’s never an easy decision to choose which shoes to bring with you when you are on a trip. It’s almost like choosing which child of yours to abandon. /melodrama

I think it is especially hard when you are leaving home for a long period of time – you’ve got to consider footwear for every occasion, as well as take the weather into account. I wish shoes weren’t so heavy so I could bring every pair with me.

Here are the “finalists”: shoes which I think are both comfortable and functional, and most importantly, shoes I will wear often. Nothing worse than wasting luggage space on a pair of shoes you may only wear once.

The boots.

Clockwise from top: H&M Engineer booties. Exceeding comfortable and practical. Doc Marts lookalikes from Bugis Street. They don’t look like much, but they are a godsent when there is lots of snow around. Ann Demeuleemester wedge boots. One of the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and I can wear them for slightly dressier occasions.  Dolce & Gabbana lace up boots (loot from the Club 21 accessory sale!). They seem awesome for cooler weather, and I can wear them when I don’t want to appear too sloppy.

The shoes

L-R: Yves Saint Laurent trooper pumps. Because it’s absolutely necessary for you to pack at least one pair of shoes for formal occasions. And who knows when you might need it for themed parties? Aldo pumps: I am still waffling about bringing this pair. I might swap it for more “everyday” shoes instead. Vvestiges balenciaga inspired wedges. Purchased from the lovely Venetia! Part of me rather doubt the practicality of open toed sandals in where I’ll be heading, but they look too good worn to be passed up. My toes will just have to be wet and freeze. Aldo wedges. I am unsure about this because they are open-toed as well, but at least I can wear these with socks!