I have a love hate relationship with online shopping. You can get almost anything you want off the net and it’s great that online stores offer international shipping, but that’s also the problem. I’ve been doing too much shopping online, seeing as to the places I’ve been going to are not so exciting. Shopbop and ASOS has my monies.

Then, I came across this sweater from Nasty Gal.


It reminded a whole lot of the Topshop sweater from the A/W 2008 collection that Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario) was wearing in one of the episodes in Skins Season 3.

An unfortunate looking screencap was all I could muster. I’m sorry Effy, you deserve better.
But I redeem myself by finding the stock photo from Topshop. Not exactly the same as the one from Nasty Gal but similar. I can deal with it.
Topshop jumper

There were still smaller sizes when I bought it but there’s only M and L now.
Happy shopping everyone!