We’ve been procrastinating a DIY forever. Coming across all the photos of the beautiful body chains and harnesses made us get our acts together and come up with something for everyone.

We know how expensive these harnesses are online and somehow we think that with a little thought and creativity, you can create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind harness for yourself.

Here are the materials you need:

  • A variety of chains, length is dependent on the design you have in mind. We like to choose heavier chains cause they weigh down on your body instead of shifting around. We like to mix chains too.
  • Craft Pliers
  • Jumps rings
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • Mannequin or someone to do this on

First we make 2 loops of chain, one around the neck and one around the arm.

After that we join the two loops using 2 lengths of chains; one at the shoulder and one would be at the center of your collarbone.

Continue adding in lengths of chain in-between the first 2 length of chains that you have added. To ensure that they look nice, ensure that the spacing in between the chains are even.

Just keep adding~!!

Et Voila~! Make sure you’ve added an opening at the back of the neck with a jump ring and lobster claw clasp.

Here’s the final product! Hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY. 🙂