We’re a little late on this, but we think that awesome stuff shouldn’t be limited to when it was released or whether it is too last season.
So here are the awesome lace embellished tights featured on the Doo.Ri A/W’09 runway pictures.
embellished tights

We were so smitten with it we decided that we needed some bling on our lace stockings.

All you need is a bunch of bling. A delightful mix of flat sequins (cos we hate the faceted ones), Swarovski crystals and beads will transform your dull lace stockings into something awesome.
Embellished Lace tights 01

These are the ones that we are using today, I have a stash of sequins which I bought for no apparent reason, guess it came to good use now.

Embellished Lace tights 02

Here are some pointers that we would like to share:

  • Sew the embellishments on while you are wearing the stockings or else the thread that you use to hold them down might not allow for stretch when you’re done sewing.
  • Go really random from the bottom and work your way up. It’s more interesting that way.
  • Try not to sew the embellishments on the inner calf and thigh area, these parts tend to rub against each other when you walk and the embellishments might come off or get caught on each other.
  • Lace stockings with a tighter weave tends to work better since the embellishments are unlikely to get caught. Dawn and I worked on different stockings and it turns out mine always get caught cos the “holes” are too big.

And here is a teaser for the final product! Do look out for the next post where you can see them in action. We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! <3

Embellished Lace tights 03