As promised, this is our first DIY tutorial for the Ann Demeulemeester feather headband which I was wearing in this post.

You will need:

  • Wire cutters and pliers
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Wires (or if you’re interested in making feathered headbands of other colours, choose a colour that complements the feathers)
  • Black feathers (or whatever colour rocks your boat)

The wires I have selected are a 20 gauge and a 18 gauge as I find them malleable but yet strong enough to maintain the shape.


Dawn has done an awesome job of classifying my feathers, they either curve right or curve left.


First you need to measure your head circumference. My head is pretty small (I’m not kidding, I can wear kid sized hats) so I’m not going to give you an estimate length. Just wind the wire around your head, leave some allowance, then cut the wire.


After you have done so, wind the wires around each other. How nice or how ghetto the end product will look depends on you. Being sort of OCD, I have made sure they look pretty decent.


You should end up with something that looks pretty much like this.


It could’ve looked better, let’s just pretend we didn’t have the time to clean up the work.

Moving on, cut a piece of the thinner wire (about 10-15cm long) to make the framework for the feathers to go on. They can be longer or shorter depending on how you’d like them to look. The best bet is both estimation and experimentation. I would go with a longer length so in case of mistakes, I could just cut the excess away.

Wind it around the base like so.


The aim is to create a triangle, sorta like a Shark’s fin.


Do the same to the other side and you should end up with something that looks like this.


Next we arrange the feather onto the framework and adjust and trim it accordingly since no 2 feathers are alike. We would aim to make the both sides of the headband look symmetrical.


There will be 2 feathers on each side so it kinda sandwiches the wire frame. It also looks neater this way. Once you’re happy with the 2 feathers, pile on the glue on one of them.


And stick the other feather on top of it, making sure that the wire frame is sandwiched nicely in between.


Some parts of the glue may be showing. If you’re using a glue like mine that dries clear, do not panic. Otherwise, there’s always a marker you could use to colour over it.


Trim off the excess.


And it should end up looking like this right now.


Rinse and repeat.

Your end product should look like this.


Somewhat looking like the pic I nicked from Luisaviaroma.


Much love and thanks to Dawn who has been the one documenting this tutorial. Her photos are awesome aren’t they