Tom Binns necklace
I was inspired by this picture while browsing a local fashion magazine. Tom Binns’ jewellery is so sought after, even Anna Wintour wants her hands on one. We’re no different but alas, I only have money for some chains, diamante necklace and bunch of safety pins which is just what we need for this tutorial~!!!
We have some chains here (approximately 3 metres of it), alot of safety pins and a beautiful diamante necklace we found. It is a good idea to find one that is dramatic or else there really is no point making this. We’re making a statement necklace, not something you wear when you run across the prairie fields.


First, we wanna connect one end of the chain to the necklace itself so we made use of the jump ring that holds the clasp to the necklace.


Then we start winding the chain in between the loops until it covers the entire necklace. The reason for the chain is to fill up the empty spaces in between the necklace so it looks less sparse, tone down the bling and also provides loops for the safety pins to go on later.


So this is how it’s gonna look like with all the chains on, the necklace is less glaring and costume-y. As you can see one safety pin is on, that is how I’ve finished off the other end of the chain.


Start piling on the safety pins~!!!! Make it interesting and random, this is the fun part. Even Dawn who’s usually the assigned photographer for the DIY posts wants in on this.


And here is the finished product. We overbought safety pins as you can see but heyyyy we can use them for some other things!! 😀 We hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY fashion tutorial~!! Do look out for the next one!


We made matching earrings too~!!