Amongst all the fashion DIY projects that we’re done so far, this tutorial on how to make your own transparent clutch has got to be the easiest. It’s fast, easy and reaps the most reward for such little effort put in. There is absolutely NO sewing required. 😀 It is in the style of the Furoshiki Shiki by Samira Boon which I came across while reading Love Aesthetics .

For this DIY tutorial, you will need:

  • Vinyl ➔I got mine from a local sundries store, about S$18 a metre and 1mm thick
  • Rotary cutter ➔ I find it easier and neater to cut with a rotary cutter.
  • Cutting mat ➔ I doubt the rotary cutter would work very well unless you use a cutting mat.
  • Ruler
  • Markers ➔ Make sure they’re not permanent markers!

To start, you need to make markings on the vinyl. Helpful diagram below!

You can actually make this clutch in any size to fit your iPad, laptop or book. You’re essentially cutting out a cross made up of 5 rectangles of the same size.

I marked the corners so there isn’t so many ink markings before I cut.

Cut out the vinyl carefully using the rotary cutter and ruler.

After you’re done, just fold everything inwards. The nature of the vinyl material ensures that everything “sticks” together. It might not be stick after some time due to an accumulation of dust on the surface of the vinyl. Wiping it with a damp lint free cloth should fix everything.

I had some material left over from making the clutch so I made an iPhone holder!

I even went on to make a namecard holder. Everything took less than an hour. Try it out this weekend! 😀