Greetings patient ones~!! I know we’ve been neglecting the DIY section although we KNOW everyone enjoys it. We just couldn’t really find the time to make a decent post cause we had stuff to do. *shifty eyes* BUT FEAR NOT~!! We have an awesome DIY for you to do this weekend~!

We’ll teach you how to make your own Ann Demeulemeester zipper headdress, and an accurate one at that down to the number of zippers and darts because we are -that- anal.

This DIY is a little more high-level than the rest that we have done so please read through every single line of instructions carefullly. I’m also assuming that people who attempt this have a basic knowledge of sewing (ie sewing darts and bias tape).

You will need:

  1. Pleather or leather if you can afford it (or have access to it) approx half a meter would be more than sufficient.
  2. 7 Open-end zippers with metal teeth. (We counted 13 zipper straps on the Ann Dem one so you do the math)
  3. Bias tape. (we used the polyester ones cos the satin ones wouldn’t be accurate)

We drafted a pattern piece like so. This is only half of the actual headband section which means the fabric needs to be cut on-fold. (Simply meaning you place that pattern piece on a folded piece of leather, the folded part to be along the “CF” line)

The darts are there to contour the headband so it sits nicely on the head instead of sticking out awkwardly. We counted 5 on the Ann Demeulemeester one, so 5 it shall be.

The side is well, the side. Take note of it though, I will be mentioning this part later so make sure you know what I’m talking about.

Transfer the pattern onto the fabric. ONCE AGAIN, make sure the pattern piece is traced over the fabric when it is on-fold. You’ll end up with a long piece of symmetrical fabric after it’s being cut. Remember, on-fold !!!! Also, you’ll need to trace two pieces of this pattern.

After the pattern has been traced, cut the fabric leaving a 1cm seam allowance for you to sew the 2 pieces of headband together.

With help of the markings that you have made on the fabric, sew the darts up.

Our pleather was slightly thick and we had to trim off the excess fabrics from the darts so that it won’t look wonky when 2 pieces of the headband piece are joined together.

Rinse and repeat for the other piece.

Now it’s time to stitch the 2 pieces together. Make sure the leather side is facing each other. Sew on the top and bottom of the headband leaving the “side” unsewn. This will ensure that the headband piece can be turned inside out to reveal the leather side.

When you have turned the headband inside out, you might find that it looks “bloated” and refuses to stay flat, it’s time to give a “top-stitch” to the edges. It simply means just running a stitch line along the top and bottom edge of the headband (approx 1-2mm from the edge).

Now we cut off the side of the zippers leaving only the teeth. We also need some allowance on the top and bottom of the zipper so you’ll need to yank off some zipper teeth with a pair of pliers. The length of the zipper is dependent on your head and also how you’d like the zippers to “fall” on your face and over your headband section. Remember you’ll need 13 of these cause Ann Dem says so.

We used a length of about 70cm of bias tape for each side of the headband.

Start sewing on the zippers on the bias tape (approx in the middle of the length of bias tape) I don’t think any neatness to the spacing of zippers should be involved. Just use your estimation and good judgement.

Wrap up the zipper ends with the bias tape so it looks nice and neat and then sew the zippers to the side of the headband piece.

And there we go~!!! The finished master piece~!! Hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY.