This DIY is an user request, we thought we’d take up the challenge. It was a pain in the ass trying to source the proper leather in Singapore so we had to end up ordering online. I’m pretty sure our readers overseas have better leather sources than us.

You will need:

  • Leather: preferably lambskin or kid leather cause it’s softer. You really need the malleability of the softer leathers in this DIY.
  • Chalk: or something you can use to mark on the back of the leather.
  • Scissors: something that you can use to cut leather properly.
  • Black craft wire: which is used to finish off the edges of the bracelet and hold the leather together.
  • Black jump rings: Also can be used to perform tasks as above.

Mark a length of “vine” on the leather. After trial and error, we found the ideal width to be about 0.3-0.4cm, the thicker the “vine” the more unrefined it looks. We had to end up trimming it down several times. If you can manage a longer length, you could make a necklace instead.

Start marking the thorns along the length of the vine. Again, we found the thorns to be more refined if it was thinner, the ones pictured were far too thick and close together to give an ideal look that is close to the Ann Demeulemeester ones.

Rinse, repeat. You will need 2 of these vines. Cut them out and prepare for the next step.

Use the black craft wire (or black jump rings) to attach the two vines together. Make sure that the “right” side are both facing out. Begin to twist them in opposite directions (one in clockwise and one in anti- clockwise) as you would with a rope braid.

You will end up with the leather pieces looking like this. Once you’ve reached the end, secure it with the craft wire as you would with the other end.

And there you have it!

We have also decided to take it a little further and did something a little more challenging because we are masochistic like that with the same method of wrapping and twisting.

If you would like to try this out, you will need extra materials like a thin metallic hairband and also a thinner and more malleable craft wire (possibly more leather as well). We’re so in love with ours we decided to wear it out the next day. Pictures of it coming up real soon!!

(All photos taken using my new Fujifilm X100)

Feel free to comment if you have any questions!

And as a last end note:

We would like to remind ALL readers that as much as we love bringing you DIY posts, it has been disturbing to see other people copying and pasting our DIY photos on their own blog with full instructions and everything. We know you’ve enjoyed the post and would like to feature it on your blog as well but we would appreciate if you just used the first photo and then post a link to us. We do know that there are some who have linked to us but with all the photos and instructions on your own blog, there really is no sense in clicking on the link to us anymore if you think about it. Thank you for reading and we hope that with the decrease in this matter, we would be spurred to make more DIY posts.