Today, we’re offering an alternative to wearing your boyfriend shirt. You heard me right, we all know our wardrobe extends far beyond our own cause there’s always nothing to wearrrrr and we all know that boyfriend jeans/blazer/shirts and all the rage this season. It’s time to raid the boyfriend’s wardrobe for this DIY clothes tutorial.

We start of with a simple men’s shirt.

This one’s from Primark [omg cheapppppp!!!] and dare I say I bought a couple to rip up and deconstruct. A little wrinkly I know, it was fresh off from the packaging so yeahhh… let’s proceed.


Excuse the srs face. It’s about 1am when I took this picture. I’m not naked you pervs~!!
We start off with buttoning the shirt at your waist. Obviously it’s not going to start at the collar, I managed to button mine about 2 buttons down, it should probably be the same for you.

After that, we try and form a drape in the skirt so it doesn’t look that boring. Here we will be buttoning the alternate buttonholes to the buttons.

Follow the diagram drawing above and you should be able to get a the first drape going. We’ll now move on to the second drape.


And this is what you should end up with after the buttonholes are in place. So total, just 3 buttons.
Tip: if you have a longer shirt, the drape will be more obvious and thus more interesting when worn.

After that we tie the sleeves together. It also serves as securing the waist so if the buttons accidentally pop, you won’t be baring your booty to the world.

And there we have it~!!!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this tutorial~!! do let us know what you think and show us an alternative way to wearing your boyfriend’s shirt~!!