We’ve got a request to do a Chain Harness~!!!

It’s pretty expensive to purchase these and I’ve seen really expensive ones from Etsy and other online stores so we took the liberty of creating a DIY to teach you how to make yourself a really simple Chain Harness. This DIY is really simplified so everyone can make one. The difficulty level can be increased to your liking by adding chains on the shoulders and back as well and it makes it even more interesting when you mix and match different types of chains.

Right now we’re only using one type of chain just to illustrate this DIY. There is another one which we made and Dawn wore it to the Nuffnang Blog Awards and it can be found in [this post]. It’s much more complicated (and of course prettier).

We start off with the stuff you need:
DIY chain harness materials.jpg_effected

We’re using a mannequin here (albeit a crappy looking one which I used when I was still in school) cause Dawn is unavailable right now. You could borrow someone to create the Body Chain Harness or create it while wearing it, it’ll probably take just a little longer but it is still possible.

So firstly, make a loop of chain that goes around the back of the neck kinda like a halterneck.
DIY chain harness 01.jpg_effected

It should look like this from the front.
DIY chain harness 02.jpg_effected

Add a small length of chain to the front such that it drapes down. It should be around the underarm area so you can wear the whole thing over your body without any fastenings but it is completely to your preference.
DIY chain harness 03.jpg_effected

We’ll proceed by adding even more chains.
DIY chain harness 04.jpg_effected

and MORE…~!!! Until you get what you like, or if you run out of chains, whichever comes first.
At this point of time you may wanna consider draping some over the arms or at the back, or even have ideas to criss-cross the chains in front, it is really just up to your own imagination.

The points to note would be to include fastenings to open up for easy wearing if the design gets too complicated to put on or take off.
DIY chain harness 05.jpg_effected

So there you have it~!! A simple body chain harness.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY Clothes tutorial and we hope you bring more ideas for DIY fashion in the future. If you have any requests or ideas do let us know, we would love to experiment with new ideas as well~!!!