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Curiouser and curiouser …

It has been a widely anticipated movie for me since news leaked out that Johnny Depp was going to be the Mad Hatter. He’s obviously a favorite of Tim Burton having worked with him countless times (okay 7 times actually) including a few of my favorite movies like Sleepy Hollow, Sweeny Todd and Edward Scissors hand. (can everyone see that dark gothic side of me oozing with glee already?)

This is an interpretation of what happened 13years after Alice’s first visit to Wonderland as written by Linda Woolverton, an excellent adaptation I must say. Having watched the animated version of Disney’s Alice in wonderland from 1951, I’ve always felt the low involvement of Alice as a character. She always seems like the outsider as everything is so foreign and strange to her. This time it is different, she will be the one who saves Wonderland.

And an unlikely knight the Mad Hatter will be. Who would’ve thought someone as mad as the Mad Hatter would be as brave and heroic when the time calls for it? As Alice’s father said, the best people are mad. In this movie, Mad Hatter’s hair is depicted as orange, common with mercury poisoning used in making hats. He’s always saying, “I’m investigating objects starting with the letter ‘M’. ” His character is eccentric with extremities portrayed in joy, sadness, anger and disappointment which in Tim Burton’s words, exists in all of us in lesser proportions.

I love how the characters from Wonderland are all injected with a dose of fantasy, most of them have been digitally manipulated. For example, the Red Queen’s head has been enlarged to 3 times it’s original size (to match her overly large ego of course).

I had the good fortune of watching this movie in 3D before its official release and I was astounded by the amazing CGI of this movie. My hair was literally standing on its ends as I felt like I was taken right into Wonderland myself. It is something that is impossible to make a set out of and can only be depicted from the amazing 3D graphics. Watching it in 3D is the only way to fully enjoy it.

Costume designer Colleen Atwood did an amazing job on the costumes that Alice was wearing; I believe I counted a total of at least 7 costume changes for her. My favorite would have to be the one that she was wearing when staying in the Red Queen’s castle. You’d have to watch the movie to see what I was talking about.

And the last battle with the Jabberwocky, Alice had to relate to convince herself that she can slay it by listing down 6 impossible things to do before breakfast.

So what are the 6 impossible things you can think of before breakfast?

Do watch the trailer~!!