Labels such as Prada, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Chanel all have one thing in common –  all of them have put forth a series of luxury iPad or iPhone cases this coming holiday season. I think these cases would make a really lovely Christmas or Birthday surprise. (if spending upwards of $500 is something you can afford to do of course.) I have listed a few of my favourites here!

  • Yves Saint Laurent iPad case, 795 USD.
  • I love how understated and elegant this case is. The design is reminiscent of their Chyc bag, with a singular golden “Y” logo clasp used as a closure. I also like how it is a “book” case as opposed to slip cases. These kind of covers provide so much more protection and having to hold on to your iPad and slip case at the same time can be so cumbersome. However, I can well afford to buy another iPad at $795 so this is definitely a “pass” for me.

    Verdict: Nice to look at and lovely to own, but I refuse to buy accessories that costs more than the item itself on principle.

  • Tod’s iPad cases, available in various covers and finish. Yours for the all time low price of $4900.
  • No, I did not add an extra zero when typing the price. It is indeed priced at a whopping $4900 USD. At this price, it’s literally in a league of its own. Tod’s is famous for their leather products and you can be sure than this iPad case can withstand the tests of time, if you have 5 grand to drop on an accessory.

    Verdict: It’s cheap. No, really, get it. It’s only 5 thousand dollars, what’s the big deal? That’s like, only the down payment for your annual rent.

  • Burberry London leather iPad cover, $450. Available HERE.
  • Made of granulated buffalo leather with the logo embossed in the front. I love granulated leather for my bags and wallets because it is “scratch-proof”. Scratches shows up easily on smooth leather but granulated leathers are more hard wearing, and this case is lined with soft suede to offer maximum protection for your beloved iPad.

    Verdict: I like it. The zipper closure is convenient and it ensures that your iPad is fully protected. Plus, I have a secret love for bright red accessories so this Burberry London leather case in Red is on my Christmas wishlist!

  • Dior Homme iPad case, Price unavailable.
  • Sleek, minimalistic and sexy. These are the 3 words I would use to describe this iPad case from Dior Homme. It comes in black tie leather and classic coated canvas. Unfortunately, it will only be released around December so the prices are not yet available.

    Verdict: My verdict will greatly depend on the price, but it gets a tentative “yes” from me because it looks like it belongs on the set of The Matrix. It happens to be one of my favourite movies of all time and I love, love the visuals in that movie.

  • Chanel iPad case, $1555.
  • As usual, things from Chanel doesn’t come cheap.$1555 would probably get you a nice bag from other labels. This iPad case from Chanel comes with its signature quilted leather and a logo charm, as well as an external pocket to store extra things. The handle on the side leads me to believe that it is meant to be carried as a bag as well.

    Verdict: It is certainly elegant and classy, but I am more of a fan of minimalistic designs. This bag/case is rich in visuals but falls short of what I want as a case. And at $1,555 it is waaay beyond what I’m willing to spend, even if it IS Chanel.

  • Louis Vuitton iPad case, available in classic monogram and Damier Graphite. $366
  • What can I say, I am really not a fan of monograms. I think it is tacky and loud, and I personally gravitate towards more understated items. I do like Damier Graphite however, but I wish it wasn’t a slip case. I find slip cases irritating and they don’t do anything to protect your iPad when you are using it.

    Verdict: It will probably make a great gift at the slightly more affordable price of $366. But as I have mentioned above, I do not like slip cases and will probably be giving this a miss. I will rather buy the matching iPhone/Blackberry cases in Damier Graphite.

Designer iPad cases certainly do have their appeal. They are beautifully designed and made of sturdy, durable material that will probably last you for a long time. However, unless I suddenly come into money, I probably wouldn’t spend more than a couple hundred dollars on a good case. The Yves Saint Laurent case and the Burberry case in red are definitely on my wishlist this Christmas though!

What do you think? Will you buy them? Or do you think they are way overpriced and overhyped?