We interrupt this normal transmission of runway reviews with something closer to the heart.

Yes, I do mean shoes.

We’re often met with the problem of dwindling shoe funds. There can only be that many ways to wear a pair of shoes, or boots for the matter. Folding it down, lacing it up a different way. There’s only so many looks you can create with it.

For shoe enthusiast Stephanie Kim, it was a problem she faces too thus birthed her idea of creating shoe accessories to devise new ways of wearing existing shoes.

Her brand dekkori features many new and exciting accessories to wear with a simple court shoe, pointy stilettos or just some forgotten mary-janes at the back of your shoe closet.

I especially love how I can turn a pair of normal shoes into awesome looking boots.

However, that being said, the price of these shoes accessories can actually buy me another pair of shoes.
DIY anyone?

What do you think? Shoe accessories? or the money to pay for more shoes?