A belated Happy New Year to everyone!! I have no idea how the above image is relevant, but I like it so I shall just share it with everyone here. It’s Frankenstein and a Brain galloping unicorns across a beautiful rainbow, what’s there not to like? Anyway, I have heard an old wives’ tale saying that the first dream you have on New Year will be a precursor of the events to come. I sure hope not, because I am pretty sure my dream involved a haunted hotel room which I was stuck in.

New Year to me just means that my birthday is fast approaching. Soon, I shall tenderly bade the last wisps of my teenage-hood goodbye. I am really not in habit of celebrating my birthday, but since I have 1) Polyvore 2) Ass loads of time, why not create a birthday wish list? It might have been useful though, had I created it more than 3 days before my birthday and is not completely unattainable. But I obviously didn’t, so it’s just a general wishlist of some of the items I really like as of late!

  • 1. CATS. Ok kidding it’s the belt
    I realized that belts are one of the things sorely lacking in my wardrobe. I like wrap belts, but I really do need to get myself a boyfriend belt because some of my clothes are threatening to fall off my hips.
  • 2. Space Skirt by Christopher Kane
  • I really like Christopher Kane’s Resort 2011 collection. Space motif may be the epitome of Hipsterism these days, but I will still wear the crap out of this skirt.

  • 3. Drapey cardigan, All Saints
  • I want anything All Saints, basically. I would be so broke (not that I am already not) if All Saints had a store here. I wonder if they do giftcards.

  • 4. Skull accessories
  • I think Pamela Love’s accessories are ridiculously overpriced, so I will be happy with a cheaper one from Etsy. I’d rather support small shops than a big name designer, anyway.

  • 5. Bralette
  • It would go so well with the skirt. Simply ferosh

  • 6. Scarf
  • I love wearing scarves. I like that a scarf can be worn so many different ways, and this one would look especially cute on my future Mulberry Bayswater. Which brings me to my next point:

  • 7. Mulberry Bayswater
  • One day you will be mine. One day.

  • 8. Sky high wedges
  • I am especially loving this pair by Joes from Solestruck. No shoes are too high for me.

  • 9. Leather cuffs / Bracelets
  • I really like the look of these. Extra points if they come with charms!

  • 10. Socks and Tights
  • I wear through mine really quickly. I will appreciate some nice stockings and socks!

And for anyone that managed to wade through this wishlist, here’s a question for all of you.

I’m thinking of doing a ‘Best of 2010’ series, where I can post what I think are my best purchases / memories / beauty products / pictures of ChouChou / you get it of 2010. If you have any suggestions on things you would like to see, please leave us a comment!

Here’s your reward for getting so far ♥