June 17, 2009
Arissa Ha

I love my tees.

I think the most awesome people can wear a white tee and jeans and still look fashionable.

And then there is your Complex Geometries, which makes tees looks like they are engineered. You wonder how it’s made and how it’s worn.

I am still in awe since my last Complex Geometries post and now it has taken the attention of Jak&Jill and there are some amazing pictures for the White tee project.





These pictures are enough to make me chant ” I want…I want…. I want….” repeatedly in my sleep.

All pics via Jak&Jill

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2 Responses to “Complex Geometries: White Tee project”

  1. Saus says:

    #5 looks like a semaphore signal
    good idea


  2. laura says:

    wow those are really cool! i love the third one


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