November 11, 2009
Arissa Ha

It’s no secret.

I profess my love for Complex Geometries I would love to own every single piece in black…. okay, in white and grey as well.

Here we have the Complex Geometries Spring / Summer 2010 collection photographed by Tommy of JAK&JILL.


I can’t exactly say that I love every look as much as I did for the A/W collection for 2009 it’s not just because of the choice of colours i swear. There isn’t much layering options cause it IS a collection for Spring and Summer and it all looks pretty meh on it’s own. However, what I do love is the incorporation of sheer fabric into the usual loose drapey silhouette.


Another thing I do like is the ruched up sheer leggings. They do give an interesting texture and I think I might have to try my hands at making one with really soft tulle someday.


Much as I do love Tommy for his work on JAK&JIL, I don’t think this lookbook fully displays the potential of Complex Geometries clothings.
I love Complex Geometries’ clothes for it’s ability to transform into something else, to be able to wear it in more ways than one and it’s a lot of thought and design process involved into it.


And I don’t see any reason to include more than one figure wearing the same outfit unless it is to portray it being worn in a different way. I don’t need 5 figures of the same model in the same pose wearing the same clothes. /rant


Overall, picking a high profile photographer amongst the fashion bloggers could be a double-edged sword. I will still love Complex Geometries for who they are but this Spring/Summer lookbook looks haphazardly done. I think the White Tshirt Project was so much better in comparison.

So what do you think? love it or hate it?

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2 Responses to “Complex Geometries S/S 2010”

  1. Fi Figueroa says:

    I need/want EVERY piece! Thanks for posting. ** going to check it out right now***


  2. Shino says:

    i HATE the new CG lookbook photos. There are some times when repeating an image is okay, but this just made me think “what? why?” :/ I am disappointed., because they deserve somethings so much better.


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