May 27, 2009
Arissa Ha

complex geometries aw09 01

Jersey is awesome. It stretches and contours, it drapes and folds.
If I had only one type of fabric to work with for an entire collection, it would be jersey.

But the people at Complex Geometries beat me to it.

Scrolling through their Autumn/Winter collection makes me feel like the models are modern day Jedi knights. I love how some of the scarves and belts look like they are carelessly draped but in fact, has much thought and intent when being designed.

The colours or the lack there of for the collection of course, is pure genius. Screw colour Nazis. I like my clothes black. I need to buy myself some more of these jersey goodness.

complex geometries aw09 03

complex geometries aw09 02

complex geometries aw09 04

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  1. […] layering it with a simple long sleeved top, I find that the silhouette resembles the Complex Geometries A/w 2009 collection. […]

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