It’s the festive season once again! It’s a double whammy of Christmas and New Year (a hat trick for me because my birthday is in January) so I thought I’d list down some of my gift ideas.  From experience, it can be really hard to pick out a gift for someone. Either you know someone too little to not know what they like, or you know someone too well to understand what they don’t like. Either way, it is really a chore to find something you think they will like and use.
There is going to be a few parts in my “gift ideas” series, and I thought I’d start off with a Travel Edition. Here are a few things I think a frequent traveller would appreciate for their jetsetting lifestyle!

  • Travel Wallets and Passport Holders

  • Black Jewel Calf and Red Suede Travel Collection, from Aspinal of London. Approx $160

    A decadent set of travel wallets, luggage tags and passport holders. Also available in colours like camel and baby pink. I find myself always losing my boarding pass and passport in the dark recesses of my bags, and it’s truly a chore having to dig them out when you need it. With this travel set (which matches my luggage by the way!), not only will I have everything I need in a single place, I can travel with unparalleled style.

    Leather Travel Zip Wallet, from Kikki.k. $60.

    This travel wallet from Kikki.K might not be as decadent as the one from Aspinal of London, but it is cute and functional and most importantly more affordable. I like that it comes with a pen holder! That will come in really useful when you need to fill in forms on the plane. I have had items from Kikki.K before and they are pretty well made!

  • Cosmetic and Toiletries Cases
  • Hanging Cosmetic and Toiletries case, from Aspinal of London. $95

    I love this hanging case from Aspinal of London. I think I have pretty much fallen in love with their whole travel series… Anyway, this would make a great gift because there is always one thing everyone travels with –  Toiletries. You can hang this pouch beside the dresser or in the bathroom, making it accessible and organized at all times. Various zippered compartments also minimizes the chances of a spillage!

  • Bag Organizers
  • Travel Bag Organizer, available from most departmental stores.

    They are a lifesaver. Bag organizers come in various shapes and sizes, and you can get them easily in stores like m)phosis and Muji. I carry so many things in my bag when I travel. My laptop, camera, iPad, Blackberry, pens, planner, sunglasses and lipbalm are a permanent fixture in my bag, and everything gets jumbled up. With a bag organizer, I don’t have to dig around forever for an pen anymore!

Here are some other things you can get for the jetsetter..

  • Small empty bottles to store their creams and lotions. All airports now have a restriction for liquids and lotions so make sure that they can bring their favourite perfume and moisturiser on board!
  • External portable chargers for phones and iPods. One of my greatest fears when I’m doing long haul flights is to have my gadgets run out of juice halfway! 

Now here’s some things that I would advise against you getting

  • Skincare Products
  • When you think of someone who travels often, your first instinct is to walk into the Body Shop or L’Occitane or whatever to grab their “travel” skincare and beauty sets. However, chances are that he or she already has a tried and tested brand of skincare that they rely on. Unless you know that person well enough to know what products they use or what they are allergic to, your sets would probably be left at home in a dusty corner of their bathroom.

  • Bath Sets
  • Do you know anyone that carries a full set of towels, bath bombs and 20 different kinds of bath salts around when they travel? I don’t think so either. And face it, a bubble bath (if you even have a bathtub in the first place) is something you only do once in a while. I think the money is better invested in items that they can use more often. And most of the time, those towels in bath sets have bad absorbency anyway.

  • Photoframes and Mugs
  • You might as well get them a Christmas sweater. They are all equally sincere and useful.