While Dawn has gotten the ball rolling for our Christmas gift ideas with the Travel Edition, I’ve decided to go with something a little geekier. Yes, I will be presenting a list of Gadget and gadget accessories as ideas for Christmas gifts. I fully believe that geeks can be fashionable too.

  • Laptop Sleeves

First up is this gorgeous Alexander McQueen Laptop sleeve which will hold a 15″ MacbookPro really nicely. It’s made of canvas and leather-trimmed which will make it durable and functional while being fashionable at the same time. It’s available for £225 on Net-a-porter.

  • Thumbdrives

Swarovski and Phillips had a collaboration to create some of the most beautiful thumbdrives I have ever seen. The best part is that some of them can be worn as jewellery. Take this one for example, it can be worn as a pendent. There’re many designs available and prices range from approximately US$40-60.

  • Designer Camera Bags

I don’t know about you but I am often annoyed at how utilitarian and ugly conventional camera bags look. This Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Camera Bag would be perfect for carrying around the bulky DSLRs without compromising your outfit. Available at Louis Vuitton for  US$2,250.

  • Earphones/Earbuds

These are the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga in-ear headphones. I’m quite particular about sound quality of headphones but I really do love Beats by Dr Dre products and I would assume that these headphones would be no less awesome. It even comes in it’s own stylish carry case and are priced between US$99.95 and US$149.95.

Other things you can get for the gadget crazy fashionista:

  • For those who have iPads, do check out our list of designer iPad cases.
  • Designer Portable Hard Disk Drives from LaCie is extremely beautiful and streamlined, there’re so many photos and only so much space on the HDD on your laptop/computer.
  • Designer phone charms and lanyards. We’re really smitten with the ones from Vivienne Westwood!
  • Of course if you know the person well enough, actual gadgets like cameras, iPads, Wacom tablets would be really awesome.

So here we have it, the Monoxious Gadget gift ideas. Do watch out for our other Christmas editions coming soon.