November 2, 2009
Arissa Ha

champs de elysee

I was lucky enough to be in Paris a few days ago. The weather was turning cold and the skies gloomy, but that didn’t really stop me from roaming the streets of Paris dressed in black.

Champs de Élysées have some of the biggest luxury brand boutiques around. I often wonder into them and exit the door with angst cause I can’t buy everything I want. Chanel is my poison. :<
Louis Vuitton is often crowded with Asians from all over the place, it’s supposedly the cheapest place to buy them.


I’m often find myself wondering what lies behind those Parisian windows. I find these apartments really charming, I would love to stay in one of them.

And here I venture upon Laduree, a famous french patisserie.
I wonder what adventures lie beyond the door.

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5 Responses to “Champs de Élysées”

  1. kurarin says:

    a very long queue (:


  2. kurarin says:

    it moves pretty quickly though, and the pastries are so crispy and fluffy at the same time; you’ll never eat another pastry back in sg.

    i’m not a fan of macarons but my friends loved them.


  3. Arnold aka Mr.Gadget says:

    One day I’ll get a chance to visit this city to sample some of the delicious delights you speak of mademoiselle! :)

    Thanks for sharing 😀


    Arissa replied on

    Arnold: Yes, you might wanna lay off those mussels I had for lunch though.


  4. zemotion says:

    Lost my iphone there ;_; but it was nice~


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