For those who don’t follow me on Instagram…allow me to bleat about skiing again. And for those who do, dealwithit.gif.

Just kidding I love you all. Mostly.

I’ve travelled to a fair amount of places ever since moving here, but Chamonix-Mont-Blanc tops the list by far (followed closely by Amsterdam with Arissa). I discovered a few things there:

  1. I actually enjoy doing a physical activity
  2. Hostels are awesome places to stay in
  3. Saunas are even more awesome places to stay in
  4. I don’t even care that I broke all my fingernails and my toenail is turning black and falling off as I type this, and
  5. I sing really bad Karaoke when I am drunk.

Chamonix is barely a village when compared to London or Paris, but thanks to the awesome company I always have something to do, whether it is getting 2€ toffee vodka shots or waking up at 7am just to be the first people on the slopes. I’m ridiculously excited to be heading there again next week – I’m taking it as a Valentines’ Day present to myself (read: desperate attempt to justify spending)!

The skies are also endlessly blue because you are above the clouds. Skiing through them is a decidedly unpleasant experience: it is damp and I swear they taste funny.

No pictures of myself because fashion kind of takes a back seat when it’s -15ºC outside minus windchill…almost all the pictures of myself feature a dripping nose. Charming. And the thing about ski clothes is that the level of brightness is directly proportional to your skill level: only the best are allowed to carry off otherwise ridiculous colours like neon green and bright orange, mainly because no one can judge you even if you wear a bear costume, if you are that good.

chamonix mont blanc


Enough babbling: if you want to see more pictures, please follow us on instagram! Arissa @minicloud and me @propatriamori x