Photography didn’t seem to start out as a hobby for women. Most equipment were made to be utilitarian and without any fancy colours or design. Over the years, camera equipment have gotten more and more accessible and many have taken it up as a hobby – including the ladies. Camera bags haven’t changed much though; they’re mostly made of durable nylon or canvas and it was tough finding a camera bag that didn’t look like you were going for a backpacking trip.

I started out with just a DSLR and one lens but as my collection grew, I needed a bag that could protect my camera equipment but still matched my outfit. I tried looking for fashionable camera bags but the closest thing I found was the Porter X Nikon collaboration. I went a very long time without a camera bag, making do with whatever pouches I could stuff into my regular bag.


That was before Aide de Camp bags came along! They only launched their label last year and owner/designer Michele faced the same problem that I did; there just wasn’t any stylish camera bags around for the ladies. I got myself the Madison, a large Boston bag that packs a lot more than it looks. At its maximum capacity, the Madison bag fits my DSLR, 3 separate lenses, an external flash AND my 11″ MacBook Air.


The bags are made with waterproof nylon, gold-plated hardware and leather handles and trimmings. There are so many compartments to organise knick-knacks like extra memory cards, batteries or even lipsticks. The camera padding box has adjustable dividers so it fits my lenses snugly and it’s also removable so you can use the bag on its own.

I brought it out last Saturday for work, to which my intern exclaimed:”This is a camera bag?!

I could tell that lot of thought was put into designing Aide de Camp’s bags. The shoulder strap is made partly of neoprene so it is extremely comfortable when you carry heavy equipment around. There are studs at the bottom of the bag so that the fabric never comes into contact with the ground if you decide to put it on the floor. There are pockets with magnetic closures at the side of the bag that you can put items you need quick access to – like a lip balm or lens cap.

They have a few designs, catering to different cameras and personalities. Find the one you like at Aide de Camp‘s website or if you would like to see the bags in person, they have it at my favorite camera store (John 3:16 Funan DigitaLife Mall  #04-27). Aide de Camp is always looking to improve their bags so if you are interested in photography and have some input on the designs, you can always give them your feedback.

Check out their video for the Madison bag!

Aide de Camp has kindly offered a discount for Monoxious readers! Simply enter “monoxiousxadc” at the checkout to enjoy $30 off all Aide de Camp camera bags! This coupon code is valid until 30 April 2014.