March 26, 2014
Dawn Poh

3 years years since I’ve moved away from Singapore and it just flew by. I’m so deeply settled here and I don’t even know if I view Singapore as home anymore. But enough of that… We thought it would be kind of a bittersweet thing to shoot at the locations we love going to in London. I’ve visited London a couple of times prior to moving here, but I have never visited Brick Lane during those stays. It just wasn’t something that would pop up on a tourist’s radars, although it is steadily gaining popularity. There are two main draws to Brick Lane – an endless array of curry houses (all award winning, if the signs in their windows are anything to go by), and the vintage shops and vegan coffee houses that are the spillover from Shoreditch.

Brick Lane Market 2

I can’t gush enough about this jacket. It’s one of the items that never fails to be complimented upon and it is just so soft and comfortable.

Brick Lane Market

Hoxton Monument Jacket / All Saints • Dress / Zara  •  Shoes /m)phosis • Earrings / Chanel

Brick Lane Market 3

Brick Lane Market 4

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4 Responses to “Brick Lane Market”

  1. Lenne says:

    So chio :’)


    Dawn replied on

    LENNE LENNE please to come here thanks


  2. Rachel says:

    What kind of curling iron do you use? :-)


    Dawn replied on

    Hi Rachel!!

    I use a 1″ babyliss curling iron!


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