September 29, 2010
Arissa Ha

I’ve been fixated with the idea of wearing bralettes as tops underneath a simple blazer or sheer blouses.. Granted they aren’t exactly weather appropriate for some parts of Europe right now since the weather is turning cold but they’re totally doable in Singapore.

From top left to right: Collina Strada Quura, Anthony Vaccarello, Alexander Wang, Alexander Wang , VPL, Anthony Vaccarello.

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3 Responses to “Bralette Obsession”

  1. priincess says:

    I WANT THESE TOO! especially the A. Wang ones! :)
    I think it will look really stunning over a body con dress as well! :)


  2. I love this idea! They’re also great for really low necklines.


  3. Lin says:

    Ive been obsessioning and serching for one!
    If you have any links please share….
    Love them all


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