I don’t need to be a psychic to know that when it comes to Autumn, Oxblood is always the new black. I think this is one of the main reasons why autumn is my favourite season – you get to be as vampy and gothic as you want and still be in fashion. Win-win!

It’s true what they say about the Cambridge Satchel: you simply don’t become satisfied with just having one. I bought a neon pink 14″ satchel a few months ago for spring and while I love it in all its neon, retina-burning (quite literally) glory, I wanted something more subtle and understated too. I’ve been wanting one in oxblood since the beginning, but it only became part of their permanent range a few months ago. I happened to wander into their store in Covent Garden whilst out with a friend and was filled with a wild surge of impulse to own it. Since it is 13″ as well as being a different colour, I suppose I can justify it…

cambridge satchel oxblood

cambridge satchel oxblood 2

Quick note on size: I was googling to hell and back when I was choosing a satchel for the first time, so hopefully this would be helpful to anyone who can’t compare their sizes in real life. The 14″ can easily accommodate A4 sized sheets of paper – magazines are not an issue as well, but it is not however possible to squeeze in a 13″ MacBook Pro. Perhaps mine is still stiff from not being used that much, but the most I can manage is my 11″ MacBook Air sans sleeve and that is already pushing the boundaries of a comfortable fit.

The 13″ is brilliant for A4 and magazines can fit in without an issue as well. I haven’t have the chance yet to really test what it can fit, though. As it is, both satchels are rather narrow in width and I find myself having to pare down the contents of my bag significantly in order for me to fit what I need into them. It’s like playing Tetris every single time I bring either of them out.