September 22, 2009
Dawn Poh


Seeing that Monoxious is finally reaching our 5-month mark, Arissa and I both think it’s about time we introduce ourselves properly. Hence, we are setting up a questions and answers section, where you readers send in any of your questions and we will try our best to answer!

There is no scope to the questions you can ask, be it about fashion, DIY, photography or the question to the life, the universe and everything else.  We would really like you to know us better, and for us to know you better, so keep the question pouring in! If you have always wondered what we do for an honest living or the reasons for our obsession with black, here’s your chance. Either email us at, or submit your questions as a reply to this post. We hope to hear from all of you soon.

Shoot from the hip!

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25 Responses to “Any queries?”

  1. Liz says:

    – shoots –


    Okay I have a few kinda related questions. What occupations do you guys have? Does it comfortably fund your lifestyle? and uh Was this the job you were aiming for when you were in college?

    ^___^ congratulations on your award!!


  2. bryangohey says:

    Herro thar! :} Was wondering if you girls will be making clothes for sale anytime soon! 8D/ Would totally buy some if they come in male designs and sizes.


  3. Sonia says:

    I have always been curious as to what your occupations are also and what is with the obsession with black? I generally LOVE black to, but you guys take it to a whole new level.


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  5. Karen says:

    I understand that you girls wear a lot of monochrome colors, so I was wondering what started it all.


  6. Cy says:

    Who takes your outfit pictures and what kind of camera/lens are you using?


  7. I apologize if this question’s been answered or addressed, but as a new reader, I’d love to know you two met–what bonded you both together, were you friends from the moment you met, etc.

    (You can always email me at mischief my dear [at] gmail [dot] com!)


  8. hanako says:

    The one thing I do wonder a lot about you guys – and any fashion bloggers, really! – is what you guys do as an occupation. But since this question has been asked a few times already, I’ll go ahead and be a bit more original. 😉

    1) Apart from fashion, what are your interests, or what kind of activities do you take part in?
    2) Do you guys have a partner, and are they as fashionable as you are? 😉

    Just wanted to say also that this blog has been in my Bloglovin’ ever since I found it through Soompi (haha) and I love reading your posts. Keep it up! :)


  9. shiva says:

    hi, my question is what kind of style do you look for when you go shopping? and also, do you have any special talents? :)


  10. Ocarina says:

    Girls, my question to you both is how tall are you?


  11. Gabrielle says:

    Which of your favourite films/books have the most creative, most inspiring fashion?

    ex. Marie Antoinette, Anna Karenina, The Matrix~ xD


  12. Sharleen says:

    What inspires your fashion sense? :) My email is added.


  13. carlotta says:

    which kinda outfit is your “confort zone” ?


  14. ruxin says:

    Hey guys!
    I’ve been an avid follower of your blog for a while now =P haha

    so my question(s) is: what inspires your outfits everyday and what do you think is the most versatile piece of clothing you own? Also, I was wondering what your jobs were, since Arissa mentioned that she travels a lot, I was just wondering what on earth your occupations are! Personally, I love traveling so I would to find out =)


  15. Marie says:

    What fashion style inspires you the most?


  16. CC says:

    Hey there! I very recently came across your blog, and it’s really nice!

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    …But actually, my real question is: What kinds of things do you guys like to wear on “off” days (like, just lounging around days)?


  17. misshermes says:

    Hello there :3
    I would like to ask…

    What inspired you guys to start this blog? And also what are your occupations? I’ve been dying to know since the days I read your minicloud blog long long ago. *O*


  18. Yuu says:

    hi there, one question only. Is your childhood dreams similar to what you are living now? As in, occupation, livestyle, etc.


  19. Sarah says:

    Do you both work in fashion?
    If not what do you do?

    I feel like our other tastes can inspire our fashion so
    What are some of your favorite musicians?
    favorite authors?


  20. Elise says:

    Came across your blog through the nuffnang voting site.
    I’m so inspired by your fashion shots and the DIY posts!
    Seems like you guys travel a lot, which country do you spend most time in?


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  22. dweam says:

    My question! I really love how you guys layer pieces together so I want to ask, how do you know if there is such a thing as putting together too much (ie. where/how do you know when to stop?)?

    Loving monoxious!

    Good luck in the voting =)


  23. Caitlyn says:

    I’m amazed at all the questions. I merely ask something simple.

    What is your favourite food? To both of you 😉

    You really inspire me.

    Love Monoxious.

    Good Luck to all with the contest.


  24. joyce says:

    what do you think of the whole body con silhouette in dresses? Can it be wearable for daytime?


  25. Gine says:

    How do you both like your coffee?


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