Hello all,

I’d first like to thank everyone who has graced us with your presence and more so to people whom have shown their love either by commenting or linking us back. The people who have followed us on Twitter, we did not forget you either. It is immensely supportive to a blog who has only been around for a few days.

In fact, it is a huge honour. ? And we thank you so much.

Dawn and I have been brainstorming ideas about stuff to post. With so many inspiring fashion blogs out there, it is difficult to decide which are the ones we love best and we think it should be the same for you too. Nonetheless, we strive to post insightful entries coupled with beautiful pictures.

Our email is still not working. We do hope you can bear with us with this blog looking pretty much like a default template of sorts. If you would like us to link you, please leave us a comment in this post with your blog link and how you would like your blog to be viewed (aka the title of your blog).

There is a high influx of posts for these few days, I’ve been churning out posts like a machine (which I hope I still managed to maintain the whole idea and theme revolving this blog) while Dawn has a more laid back approach to school. I am very glad she did manage to post despite her schedule or people would’ve suspected her of fleeing a doomed blog. (Oh the horror!!)

Once again, thank you very much for the support. We love you all.


Arissa & Dawn