Hello friends,

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen us. We really do apologise for our disappearance and we swear it is not planned.

On the morning of 12th Apr, monoxious.com suddenly went offline with the host doing a server update without prior notification. It escalated into a database rescaling which was projected to last 2-3days.

3days later, the problem was not solved, we had to communicate with our host which was in California while at the same time make a decision to shift the blog over to a local host so that we’d be able to have better communication in the future. It was nothing short of a nightmare.

After the whole ordeal of waiting and having our questions answered over 16timezones, we found the database of our blog to be COMPLETELY wiped out. No tables, no blog posts. We were devastated. We were even advised by our current host, to prepare to start anew. Thankfully, our previous host was able to provide us with a backup of the database, it was not the most current (we have about 8 posts still missing, we’re trying to restore them from caches please be patient) but at least the bulk of our work is still intact.

For the past week, our traffic suffered, I guess people just thought that monoxious decided to shut down without telling anyone. We were nothing short of being wrecks but at the same time, we had people leaving us messages on our Facebook page and Twitter telling us they can’t view our blogs or how sad they are that our blog is broken.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our efforts in pushing monoxious as a blog has been shaken and that in some parts, we have gone back to what we were a few months ago. We suffered a rollback which we may potentially never recover from, BUT you keep us going. We know many of you have been checking back every single day and we really really appreciate it.

Thank you everyone. You are all so dear to us.