Guess who is resurrected from the dead? Clue: it’s not a mummy. Although I could pretend to be one with the Herve Leger wannabe bandage dress.

Despite still having one last paper to hurdle over, I’d like to think that my exams are over. So here I am, back to camwhoring taking self portraits alone out in the public and possibly disturbing a few ongoing wedding shoots in the meantime. The above pictures are awkwardly cropped because of my bewildered expression in all of them, which I tend to get when I am trying to not fall to my death spinning on platform heels. Such a sucker for punishment. But at the rate I am wearing those shoes, they are likelier to perish first.



  • Bandage dress: Far East Plaza
  • Beret: M)phosis
  • Jersey jacket: Cotton On
  • Jersey vest (worn over jacket): Cotton On
  • Shoes: H&M Divided exclusive