Have you ever gotten an item and subsequently wondered how you managed to survive without it in the first place? Few possessions have made it to this list for me – there is my iPhone, personal cloud storage device…and then there’s Leyden.

As with Aide de Camp‘s entire range of camera bags, Leyden is pure functionality jammed packed into an attractive exterior. Of all the camera bags I have carried throughout my years shooting there hasn’t been any contemporary nearly comparable in style nor quality.


My lenses and camera body are well and truly safe thanks to the dual layers of protection Aide de Camp provides in their bags. Removable camera inserts make it possible for this bag to suit my every need – regardless of whether I’m carrying a compact 40mm lens or a 70-200! My usual gear is incredibly bulky (Canon 5DMkIII with 85mm f/1.2) and up until Leyden, I have never found a suitable way of discretely porting it around. The protection and discretion are truly invaluable assets when I’m out travelling!

There are compartments for just about everything. Clearly lots of thought has went behind the creation of this bag because I have never compartmentalised my items more efficiently than I have with Leyden! Passport, SD/CF cards, flash, passport, phone…everything has their designated place in this bag. Take out the inserts and you will still be left with a multitude of pockets and zippered compartments, and best of all, a padded shoulder strap that makes carrying even the heaviest of things a breeze. It’s small wonder why I’ve hardly been using anything else… I honestly think Leyden has curbed my desire to buy myself a graduation bag because I simply don’t see this level of thought and detail even in luxury brands these days.




Every photography enthusiast I have shown this bag to were so impressed by it that we wondered why Aide de Camp hasn’t taken the world by storm…yet. I have no doubts that they will make their way to everyone’s Christmas list! 😉 I certainly want another one… (it’s Valencia, hint hint). I’m sure this would make an incredible gift for anyone who wants something gorgeous and functional to house their camera gear in! Aide de Camp will well and truly live up to its name of being your most invaluable assistant!

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