November 7, 2009
Arissa Ha

Acne Atacoma wedgesApparently these Acne Atacoma Boots in Silver / Black came back in stock~!!

When I checked on the online store there’s only 2 pairs left in Size 37. Hurry up and grab yours now~!!!!

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5 Responses to “Acne Atacoma BACK IN STOCK!”

  1. holy shit, they really are running out fast! i bought the jeffrey campbell ones recently since they’re $300-$400 cheaper & i’m okay with shoe knockoffs! they actually are pretty comfortable too. but one day very soon, i will own the baby blue atacomas!!!! xo


  2. Joanne says:

    Oh fuck those babies ran out fast! Probably a good thing, I really shouldn’t be spending so much on shoes. ):


    Arissa replied on

    Joanne: Yes they do! I think they’re off the website now. :<


  3. […] room trip than some of this season’s other de rigueur ankle boots – walking in those Acne Atacoma “ice skate” boots seems like an athletic feat unto itself – hiking boots have been inspiring fashion footwear. […]

  4. […] Hannah Loafers from Alexander Wang which I have been eye-ing for the longest time. Imagine my joy when it was on sale on the Opening Ceremony. Not the most comfortable shoes though. I think the pain level is comparable to my Acne Atacomas. […]

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